About Us

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Welcome to the Art&STEM College.

ART&STEM is an interactive learning environment accompanied with real life project based hands-on science experiments and art activities. It incorporates inquiry based, differentiated learning which sparks curiosity, creativity, imagination and discovery.  The pupils will learn how and why things work and what they look like inside and outside. They will master the STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics curriculum and will discover the gears, magnets, electricity.

They will be exposed to Art activities through drawing, painting, and knitting. The pupils can chose to participate in electives such as App Design, Robotics, Engines, 3D Printing and Rocketry. 

The program is active in parallel with the State Curriculum.



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The mission of the Art & STEM College is to enable its pupils to achieve excellence to guide them through their future endeavors. The Art&STEM College provides a rigorous academic environment that fosters ethical behavior, critical thinking, virtuous leadership, lifelong learning, and truth seeking with a firm foundation in cognitive, non-cognitive, and technical skills. As a result, our pupils are well prepared to succeed in higher education, career, and life while positively impacting the world around them.

What is STEM

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In the past, the STEM used to be the acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Nowadays, STEM is a concept that incorporates these 4 subjects into one discipline, which develops critical thinking and problem solving skills through hands on, real life projects within the classroom.


STEM curriculum transforms the traditional classroom into innovative and explorative environment, where the students experience scientific adventures and perform real life experiments. The goal of the STEM curriculum is to inspire today’s students’ curiosity and imagination and empower them to become tomorrow’s scientists and engineers.

Our History

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In 1990 academician Avetik Mkrtchyan founded Yerevan University of Economy and Law. A. Mkrtchyan was a constructor-engineer and a pedagogue at the same time. As constructor-engineer he built many famous buildings and constructions in our country.

At the young age he got an academic degree in the area of “Construction Economics” after finishing postgraduate studies and defending a scientific thesis. Beginning from 70’s he taught at the Polytechnic Institute starting his pedagogical activity. After his death the University took his name.

The University of Academy and Law after Avetik Mkrtchyan today has its 26 years old history and a unique place among the higher educational institutions in Armenia. In 2013 the University got the award of “The best private higher educational institution of the year” from the National Confidence Council. In 2015 the University got license for preschool and secondary educational activity. The main aim was to create a practical base for professional knowledge of the students. The base was founded by the current rector, Doctor of Psychology, Laura Mkrtchyan.

University building where the Kindergarten and College are located is also a result of A. Mkrtchyan’s constructional-engineering activity, and is very symbolic as educational establishment - it’s the symbol of the synthesis of his two professions.

Our Founders

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Mkrtchyan A

Avetiq Mkrtchyan

Doctor of Economic Sciences,

Professor, Academician

Urban Architecture,

Pedagogics, Founder


Laura Mkrtchyan

Candidate of Psychological Sciences, 

Senior Lecturer,

Rector of the University of Economy

and Law  after A. Mkrtchyan, 

Director of College K-12 ArtSTEM.

[email protected]


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