ArtSTEM education

It is very dynamic and combines with our traditional education and national values, becoming a breath of fresh air and a completely new word in the public education system.

ArtSTEM school provides an opportunity

To inspire children and young people to explore STEM in depth - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and discover their talents in the arts

ArtSTEM education contributes

To the development of the economy and the formation of a healthy society. It is aimed at multifaceted and profound development of the new generation.

What is STEAM?

Years ago, STEAM was an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Today, STEAM is a concept that combines these 4 disciplines into one common science that develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills, accompanied by real-world application projects in the classroom.

Thanks to the STEAM curriculum, the traditional classroom becomes an innovative and research environment where students find themselves in a world of scientific adventures and real science experiments. The STEAM curriculum aims to stimulate the curiosity and imagination of today's students, as well as improve the knowledge they need to become future scientists and engineers.

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What do we offer?

Sports groups

Oriental martial arts

Aesthetic education

Theatrical art / poetry
Song / music
Photography / photojournalism


Safe and comfortable two-way transportation
If desired, hot food 1-3 times)

It's our slogan

STEM is the education of the 21st century, for those born in the 21st century, it is the education of the future.

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Our teachers

ArtSTEM College Admission Application

Admission application

The list of documents required for admission to the university:

  • Parent application
  • Copies of parents' passports
  • Copy of the child's birth certificate or passport
  • 3 3x4 size photos of the child

And students from the 1st grade and above also pass subject exams:

  • Classes of 2-4: native language, mathematics
  • Classes of 5-7: mother tongue, mathematics, English, Russian
  • Classes of 8-9: Armenian language, algebra, English, physics, chemistry
  • Classes of 10-12: Armenian language, algebra, other subjects according to streams.

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