Amalya Nalbandian

Meet Amalya Nalbandian, the teacher of logic, technology (from 3rd grade to the end), technology (computer skills) (from 2nd grade to the end) and mental mathematics (1st and 2nd grades) at ArtSTEM school.

Programmer by profession.

He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Yerevan State University, has a master’s degree.

Mrs. Nalbandyan has her tried and true methods developed over the years for each subject.

Before each lesson, he makes the lesson plan, defines the goal, and after the lesson, he analyzes whether he implemented the plan and achieved the goal.

Mrs. Nalbandyan’s classes are full of heated discussions, the teacher listens to EVERYONE, everyone’s options are discussed, mistakes are analyzed.

She is the most caring and patient teacher in our school

It is no coincidence that the students love their teacher so much.