Armenuhi Ekmalyan

Armenuhi Ekmalyan is one of the teachers of Armenian language and literature at ArtSTEM school.

Graduated from Gyumri University of Faculty of Philology of the Pedagogical Institute named after Nalbandyan.

He has 32 years of experience working with children.

The teacher emphasizes cooperative learning and considers it one of the most effective approaches to achieving the changed goals of education.

The teacher emphasizes the organization of the environment that contributes to the effectiveness of learning as much as possible, when students’ thinking is stimulated during learning.

The teacher, who has participated in various international programs, organizes training courses both for teachers of ArtSTEM school and other schools.

According to the teacher, knowledge is a way to acquire new knowledge.

Following this idea, the teacher strives to present each material as interesting as possible, so that the students themselves strive to learn and learn more.