Artstem College

Ruben Dallakyan

Ruben Dallakyan teaches science at ArtSTEM school.

He is a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, he also works at the Institute of Physics as a senior researcher.

Mr. Dallakyan teaches the science subject using the method developed by himself.

He is able to explain even the most complex phenomena in a language understandable and understandable to a student of any age.

The lessons usually consist of theoretical and practical parts, which are spent using game methods and scientific experiments. Children do their own research.

Often, classes are organized in an outdoor environment, also during hikes.

The teacher succeeds in instilling love and interest in natural science subjects and natural phenomena in children from an early age.

Comrade Dallakyan presents the material incompletely, leaving room for the children to think and reason.

The subject teaches to think, reason, and analyze.